Frequently Asked questions

Frequently Asked questions

1. What types of books are available in the library?

Basically, the books in the library are about human rights, legal, religious and general education issues.

2. How can I borrow a book from the library?

 First of all, registration is required and then you must present your ID card, which will remain in the library until you bring the book back.

3. How do readers register in the library?

Readers must present their ID cards and fill out an application form, after which they are registered electronically.

4. How long can I borrow a book for?

Books can be borrowed for one month. The term can be extended, if necessary.
According to the library rules, if there is only one book in the library, readers are not allowed to take it home and can use it only inside the library. 

5. Are there libraries in the Public Defender's regional offices?

There are libraries in the regional offices; however, they are of smaller scales then that of the central office.