Tolerance Centre

About the Tolerance Centre

The Tolerance Centre under the Public Defender has been functioning and actively working on development of the culture of tolerance and equal environment in Georgia since 2005. The Centre makes an important contribution to the protection of the rights of religious and ethnic minorities. In this regard, it creates promoting conditions for a multilateral dialogue between the majority and minority groups, carries out educational activities, detects cases of religious and ethnic discrimination and xenophobia, and studies the existing trends and systemic problems in this field.

One of the main activities of the Centre is to coordinate the Public Defender's Councils of Religions and Ethnic Minorities, which represent a space where religious and ethnic minorities have the opportunity to discuss and work on important issues. The Council of Ethnic Minorities currently unites about 100 organizations working on minority issues, while the Council of Religions combines more than 30 religious associations. Today the Councils represent the biggest minority consultative forums.

The Tolerance Centre, together with the Council of Ethnic Minorities, monitors the National Integration Strategy and Action Plan each year and thus contributes to the engagement of national minorities in the process of integration.

The Tolerance Centre constantly reports on its and the Councils’ activities, as well as on minority issues, on its website (see. The Centre also posts its documentary films and articles on various problems of minorities, cultural traditions and integration issues on the website.

In 2008 the Tolerance Centre prepared and published encyclopedic works - “Religions in Georgia” and “Ethnicities in Georgia”.

These publications were the first large-scale attempt to systematize religious and ethnic diversity of Georgia. The books reflected history, culture, ethnography, traditions and modern life of all ethnic and religious groups of Georgia.

In 2006-2010 the Tolerance Centre prepared and issued 39 editions of the magazine "Solidarity". The magazine described both the problems of ethnic and religious minorities and the issues of the rule of law, social equality, human rights and development of democracy.

All editions of the magazine and the encyclopedias "Religions in Georgia" and "Ethnicities in Georgia" are available on the website:

Until 2011 the Tolerance Centre had been supported by the United Nations Development Fund. In 2012-2014 the Centre was financed by the project of the US Agency for International Development (USAID) and the United Nations Association of Georgia - "Advancing National Integration" (ANI). Since 2015 the Tolerance Centre has been supported by the USAID funded project of the United Nations Association of Georgia - "Promoting Integration, Tolerance and Awareness" (PITA).