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Human Rights in the Context of Sexual and Reproductive Health and Well-being in Georgia: Country Assessment

The Country Assessment that was primarily based on a desk review was undertaken within the framework of partnership between Public Defender’s Office and UNFPA country office in Georgia aiming to strengthen the latter's capacity in the field of monitoring human rights in the context of sexual and reproductive health and well-being. The Country Assessment offers an evaluation of the current situation, complete with existing gaps and challenges within and beyond the health sector, with a special focus on human rights issues in the context of sexual and reproductive health and well-being connected to the marginalized groups, legal and policy frameworks, budgeting and financing, delivery and accessibility of health services, and the provision of remedies and redress.

This Country Assessment is one of growing number of such assessments carried out worldwide by national human rights institutions aimed at identifying areas of progress, obstacles and ways of improving sexual and reproductive health. The objectives are to assess the degree to which human rights, in context of sexual and reproductive health and well-being, are enshrined in the laws of Georgia how they are realized in practice, through Georgia’s laws and policies and in their implementation; to identify key areas of progress as well as barriers; and make recommendations to the Government of Georgia and other responsible authorities.

Hereby, we present the Country Assessment results, which is the first of its kind in Georgia and hope that our recommendations will be taken into consideration during the development and implementation of laws and policies in the field of SRH&RR.

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