Public Defender of Georgia Responds to Sexist Expressions of Member of Gender Equality Council of Batumi City Council

The Public Defender of Georgia has criticized the sexist views of Archil Mamuladze, a member of the Gender Equality Council of the Batumi City Council, according to which, childcare is women's prerogative, while men have a dominant role in the society.

Archil Mamuladze also points out that women have good managerial skills and it is important to listen to them, but "it is better the first word to be said by a man." In addition, he believes that "there are many differences between men and women."

The Public Defender considers that emphasizing stereotypes about gender roles and questioning women's capabilities by a public figure, especially by a member of the Gender Equality Council, contradicts the equality principle and hampers the fight against discrimination in the country.

Similar attitude is particularly disturbing from a member of the body, the direct duties of which is to promote gender equality and establish equality principle, especially in a society where women's equality and elimination of violence against them still remain challenges, while the stereotypes, according to which, domestic affairs are the gender role of women and women's participation in decision-making is not considered important, are deeply rooted.

Taking into account the above, the Public Defender calls on the member of the Gender Equality Council of the Batumi City Council to refrain from sexist expressions in the future and promote gender equality during performing his duties.

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