Public Defender’s Statement on Sexist Advertising Poster of Crystalbet

The Public Defender of Georgia expresses her negative attitude towards the advertising poster of LLC Marsi (Crystalbet). The poster says – “Slots that give" and illustrates a woman. The Public Defender considers that the ad is of sexual content and promotes the opinion that women easily agree to sexual intercourse.

The Public Defender repeatedly points out that the business sector has a special social responsibility to promote the principle of equality. Sexist or other discriminatory advertisement may have a devastating effect on the fight for equality in the country, as the purpose of advertising is to influence consumers and persuade them to buy certain product. When the company chooses discriminatory advertising as a means of achieving the goal, it promotes the establishment and/or strengthening of false stereotypes towards vulnerable groups.

As the Public Defender's practice shows, in most cases, the source of discrimination is negative stereotypes towards vulnerable groups, stigmas and lack of information about their interests.

Given all the above, the Public Defender calls on LLC Marsi to change its advertising poster in such a way that it does not encourage discrimination against women or other groups and to observe the principle of equality in the future.

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