Public Defender’s Statement on the Process of Examination of Cases of Alleged Sexual Harassment

The Public Defender of Georgia is responding to the statement of Dimitri Gabunia, representative of Zviad Devdariani, according to which, the Public Defender is under psychological pressure in the process of studying the cases of alleged sexual harassment.

The Public Defender emphasizes that there has not been any pressure and that the process of studying the cases is independent and unbiased.

In the process of studying specific applications, the Public Defender ensures equal engagement of both parties and completes case proceedings only after parties submit all arguments and evidence. As for the disputes against Zviad Devdariani relating to alleged sexual harassment, the Public Defender’s Office is studying applications of five women, one out of which is being specified now, while the other four have already been introduced to the defendant.

For the purpose of fully studying the above applications, representatives of the Public Defender have personally talked with the parties as well as the third persons related to the case and requested information in writing. At this stage, written communication is being exchanged between the parties, while after final views are expressed by the parties and relevant legal evaluation is made, the Public Defender will make a decision in relation to the cases of alleged sexual harassment.

It should also be noted that the Public Defender is considering three mores claims regarding allegedl sexual harassment committed by various persons.

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