Meeting with President of European Organization of Military Associations

On May 29, 2017, Public Defender Ucha Nanuashvili met with the President of the European Organization of Military Associations, Emmanuel Jacob. The meeting was also attended by First Deputy Public Defender Natia Katsitadze and the Head of Department of Protection of Human Rights in Defense, Tamar Gabiani.

The sides discussed the general situation of human rights in the military service and the issue of associations of military veterans. Particular attention was paid to the right of military veterans to affiliate with associations and trade unions.

The Public Defender of Georgia and the President of the European Organization of Military Associations agreed on future cooperation.

* * *

The European Organization of Military Associations promotes the development of the concept of "Citizens in Uniform", which implies that military personnel are entitled to the same human rights and obligations as any other citizen, including equal treatment and engagement in regular social dialogue, trade unions, independent associations, social and labour legislations of the European association.

The European Organization of Military Associations combines 34 military associations and trade unions from 22 countries. It is the main European forum for cooperation between the military associations.

The international secretariat in Brussels facilitates the exchange of information, best practices and experience among member associations.

The Public Defender's Office has been actively engaged in the protection of the rights of military servicemen for two years, shares the concept of "Citizens in Uniform" and reflects the rights situation of military personnel in its annual reports from the point of view of social and other aspects.


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