Perpetrators of Releasing Videos Showing Personal Life must be Punished in Shortest Time

The Public Defender considers that the investigation into the release of video footage showing torture and sexual abuse on October 17 must be completed as soon as possible. The Public Defender's Office will monitor the progress of the investigation.

The interim commission working on the issue of illegal surveillance and wiretapping, the member of which was the Public Defender, refused to destruct the large part of the secret videos with the only purpose that they might be helpful for conducting full investigation and for punishing perpetrators. The commission published a report on January 31, 2014, and recommended relevant agencies to carry out effective investigation in order to punish the persons involved into the illegal actions.

The authorities must take all necessary measures to prevent spread of similar video footage, while if they fail to prevent it, as it happened on October 17, all perpetrators must be held accountable in the shortest time.

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