Public Defender's Speech at International Conference in Armenia

“The practice of imposing liability on the basis of broad or wrong interpretation of legislative regulations may in some cases impede free discussion, expression of critical opinions and citizens’ participation in public life and may even have a 'terrifying effect' on the exercise of freedom of expression.

On the other hand, the real challenge of the use of hate speech during the election period cannot be ignored. Considering this problem, I think it would be reasonable to establish mechanisms for regulation/self-regulation of hate speech in the election period, with the aim of maintaining the currently applied standards of freedom of expression, in addition to limiting and eliminating the use of hate speech during the election period", - Public Defender Nino Lomjaria said at the international conference dedicated to the 15th anniversary of the establishment of Armenia’s human rights institution, which is being held in Yerevan, Armenia, on November 26-27.

The Public Defender congratulated the Armenian Ombudsman on the anniversary on her Facebook page as well, wished him success in overcoming human rights challenges and expressed deep belief that the Georgian and Armenian institutions will continue the tradition of close and fruitful cooperation that has been established over the years.

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