Public Defender’s Representative Holds Meetings with Population in the Villages of Zugdidi Municipality

On October 8, 10 and 15, 2019, Public Defender’s representative Levan Papava met with the residents of the villages of Akhalsopeli, Uchashona, Opachkhaphu, Alertkari and Kortskheli of the Zugdidi Municipality.

Levan Papava briefed the local population of the mandate of the Public Defender and the issues of identification of challenges relating to the protection of human rights. He also provided information about the activities, authority and supervisory function of the Office in the direction of equality, possible outcomes of the case study and referral forms, as well as the prerequisites and legal basis for conducting police actions.

The locals emphasized infrastructural problems, including the inadequacy of internal roads of the villages and the buildings of the City Hall representations, as well as the problems of access to drinking water and the sewage system.

The Public Defender's Office continues to study the above-mentioned issues and hold meetings with the population in order to proactively identify the cases of human rights violations.

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