Informational Meetings in Adjara

On October 23-25, 2019, Giorgi Charkviani, Public Defender's representative in the Adjara region, held informational meetings with rural population, public school teachers and children, teachers of pre-school institutions, rural library staff and representative of the municipality’s Mayor in the Khikhadziri community of the Khulo municipality.

Giorgi Charkviani talked about the mandate, authority and activities of the Public Defender's Office, its supervisory function in relation to equality, outcome of the case study and the forms of applying to the Public Defender.

He also spoke about women's rights, reproductive health and police measures with public school students.

The meetings made it clear that the main challenge of the population is access to health care, infrastructural problems and lack of transport, which makes it difficult to take children to the kindergarten given the harsh climate.

Giorgi Charkviani also held a meeting with the Mayor of Khulo, the Chairman of the City Council and other representatives of the local self-government and discussed the human rights situation in the municipality.

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