Joint Training of Human Rights Academy of Public Defender and Bar Association on Important Aspects of Plea Bargaining on basis of International and National Laws and Practices

On February 25-26, 2017, training was held on the theme: “Important aspects of plea bargaining on the basis of the international and national laws and practices". The training was attended by 20 lawyers of the Bar Association of Georgia.

Levan Meskhoradze, a representative of the Public Defender's Office, and lawyer Girshel Dzebniauri reviewed international and national regulations of plea bargaining during the training and noted that the use of plea bargaining would promote the protection of the defendants' rights and freedoms in criminal proceedings. It was noted that in recent years plea bargaining had been playing an important role in the justice system and since 2004 the measure had been used in the majority of criminal cases.

The mentioned program is part of the continuing education of lawyers and the trainers trained within the framework of the program will themselves hold 10 trainings on the topic of plea bargaining during the year.

The event was funded by the US Agency for International Development (USAID) program "Support to the Rule of Law of Georgia" (EWMI/PROLoG) and was implemented through cooperation between the Human Rights Academy of the Public Defender of and the Bar Association of Georgia.

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