Division of Public Relations and Event Managemen

Division of Public Relations and Event Management

The Division represents a primary structural unit of the Public Defender’s Office. The Division acts on behalf of the Public Defender of Georgia when performing its functions. The Division is accountable to the Public Defender of Georgia, who oversees it in accordance with the rules prescribed by legislation. The objective of the Division is to raise awareness and reputation of the Public Defender and to increase trust in the institution, as well as to ensure effective communication between the public and the Office.

Functions of the Division:

  • Ensure effective relations of the Public Defender/other employees of the Public Defender’s Office with the public and media outlets;
  • Develop an information policy and submit it to the Public Defender/Deputies of the Public Defender;
  • Organize press conferences and briefings, invite journalists and provide relevant materials to them;
  • Provide information relating to the work of the Office, in accordance with information policy, to the public/stakeholders, in a timely manner and appropriate form (continuously try to improve the forms);
  • Record and archive the media statements of the Public Defender/other employees of the Public Defender’s Office;
  • Monitor media outlets on a daily basis, identify information that may be interesting for the Office and disseminate it via the internal network;
  • Prepare and send press releases to media outlets, various governmental and non-governmental, local and international organizations;
  • Post information on the website of the Public Defender in a timely manner;
  • Manage social media, process and post information (texts, videos, photos, infographics, surveys, etc.) in accordance with the social media format;
  • Respond to the messages received from citizens via social networks, including reports about the activities of the Public Defender;
  • Organize events of the Office, select and invite guests, coordinate the activities of all relevant units for the successful implementation of events;
  • Create and constantly update the contact database of representatives of state agencies, non-governmental sector, media, international organizations (including thematic groups);
  • Organize meetings, public lectures/events of the Public Defender throughout Georgia;
  • Communicate with journalists via social networks or in informal environment, in order to provide timely information on the activities carried out or planned by the Public Defender;
  • Establish guidelines for communication with the media and public (dress code, visualization, social networks, etc.)
  • Provide information about the activities of the Public Defender/Public Defender’s Office to the wider public through creative methods;
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of the activities and measures implemented and assess the need for making relevant changes;
  • Carry out other functions arising from the specifics of the Division’s activities.
Woking Hours: Monday–Friday 9:00–18:00
Hot line: 1481 (24/7)