Division of International Relations

The Division represents a primary structural unit of the Office. The Division shall act on behalf of the Public Defender of Georgia when performing its functions. The Division is accountable to the Public Defender of Georgia and the First Deputy Public Defender, who oversee the Division in accordance with the rules prescribed by legislation. The objective of the Division is to raise the reputation of the Office in the international arena and to establish relations with various international organizations and ombudsmen/national human rights institutions of other countries.

Functions of the Division:

  • Develop a strategic vision relating to international relations of the Public Defender/Public Defender’s Office and ensure its implementation;
  • Organize and effectively coordinate international relations of the Public Defender/Public Defender’s Office with international, foreign human rights organizations and diplomatic missions;
  • Ensure representation and active involvement of the Public Defender’s Office in associations of national human rights institutions and ombudsmen;
  • Systematize, process and update information on the resources available in the associations of national human rights institutions and ombudsmen, as well as on their activities and mandates, and quarterly submit this information to the units of the Public Defender’s Office;
  • Plan and organize the international events (conferences, presentations, meetings, etc.) of the Public Defender/Public Defender’s Office inside the country/abroad and coordinate the work of other structural units involved in the process;
  • Organize the reception of foreign delegations and missions - carry out protocol activities and, if necessary, coordinate the activities of other structural units, inter alia, ensure the receipt and departure of delegations and individuals during their official visits, in accordance with the requirements of the national protocol;
  • Ensure effective relations of the Public Defender or other employees of the Public Defender’s Office with international and local organizations;
  • Provide technical support to the Public Defender and Deputies of the Public Defender in organizing international events, conferences and meetings, in various associations, and write speeches, if necessary;
  • Timely detect and respond to deficiencies in the implementation of international visits and events;
  • Organize and facilitate business trips and international visits of staff of the Public Defender’s Office, including by communicating with relevant inviting organizations, provide other technical support;
  • Draw up quarterly information bulletins/reports on international relations and participation of staff in international visits;
  • Coordinate the preparation of the reports to be submitted to international organizations, which are not related to secondary or additional analysis;
  • Identify opportunities for the involvement in international grant projects or other projects and provide information to the management;
  • Submit relevant initiatives, documents on concluding bilateral agreements and memoranda with international partners; coordinate the implementation of bilateral or multilateral memoranda and action plans;
  • Carry out other functions arising from the specifics of the Division’s activities.
Woking Hours: Monday–Friday 9:00–18:00
Hot line: 1481 (24/7)