Public Defender’s Office Conducts Training for Reviewers Involved in the Process of Approving School Textbooks

On March 17, 2023, the Department of Human Rights Education, Department of the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, Department of Children's Rights, Equality Department and Gender Department of the Public Defender’s Office conducted training for reviewers involved in the process of approving school textbooks, which was attended by more than 80 people.

The employees of the Public Defender’s Office talked about the rights of children and persons with disabilities, the importance of protecting gender equality and combating stereotypes in this process, the challenges identified in the content review process and the practice of the Office in the direction of studying school textbooks. In addition, the conversation touched upon the essence, types and forms of discrimination.

The training audience is participating in the ongoing process of approving textbooks and is responsible for ensuring the compatibility of the content of school textbooks with human rights.

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