Meeting with Authors of 7th-grade Textbooks for Civic Education to be Submitted for Competition

On 21 February 2019, Public Defender Nino Lomjaria met with authors of 7th-grade textbooks of the Georgian language and literature and civic education that are to be submitted for competition. The Public Defender expressed her willingness to cooperate with the authors in creating textbooks for the purpose of promoting human rights education. She also emphasized the importance of reflecting the activities and mandate of the Public Defender, as a national human rights mechanism, in the textbooks.

At the meeting, the Resident Representative of the United Nations Development Programme, Louisa Vinton, introduced the UN Sustainable Development Goals and spoke about the importance of human rights education for the implementation of the Goals.

The deficiencies detected by the Public Defender's Office as a result of monitoring the textbooks of civic education submitted for competition in 2018, the measures to be taken for the improvement of teachers' qualifications in the field of human rights and the standards set out in the national curriculum were discussed at the meeting; in addition, the necessity of deepening knowledge about minority and vulnerable groups was underlined.

The discussion was quite interesting. The authors, together with representatives of the Public Defender, talked about the forms of cooperation, textbook monitoring mechanisms, development of guidelines for reflecting human rights issues in the textbooks of various subjects for teachers and students.

Deputy Public Defender Giorgi Burjanadze and other representatives of the Public Defender's Office participated in the meeting.

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