Public Defender’s Statement on Illegal Detention of Georgian Citizen Irakli Bebua by Occupation Regime

The Public Defender of Georgia is responding to the illegal detention of a Georgian citizen, Irakli Bebua, by the occupation regime on the occupied territory of Abkhazia. From the very moment of the release of information about the detention, the Public Defender has been involved in the examination of the case. The family members of the detainee also asked the Public Defender to assist.

According to reports, Irakli Bebua burnt a flag of the de facto republic. In addition, the de facto law enforcement agency accuses him of intentionally destructing property and illegally possessing ammunition.

Given the nature of the action allegedly carried out by Irakli Bebua, it is likely that the de facto authorities artificially aggravated charges against him.

The Public Defender emphasizes that according to international human right law, fundamental rights, including the right of a person to be protected from illegal detention, torture and ill-treatment, as well as from an unfair trial, apply to the territories outside the control of the governments as well.

According to international law, the occupant, as a state exercising effective control, as well as the de facto authorities, are responsible for the violations of human rights on the uncontrolled territories.

Given all of the above, the Public Defender calls on the Georgian Government to strengthen efforts, with the help of international organizations, to release Irakli Bebua from illegal detention.

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