Statement of Public Defender

The Public Defender of Georgia was addressed by a relative of the family of G.B. who disappeared in Akhalgori According to the applicant on June 4th the twenty years old G. B and D.A. were taken to the de facto police in Akhalgori to be questioned as suspects on an alleged theft case. D.A. was released after interrogation. For the last time D.A. met with G.B at the police station. Since then G.B. has disappeared. According to the family, he was not interrogated by the investigator. At the end of this day, the police brought G.B's personal belongings to his relative. According to the relatives, the de facto Police of Akhalgori told the family that they left G.B. near his house and that he crossed the territory controlled by Georgian side.

According to the Public Defender of Georgia the case is under investigation of de facto investigative bodies. The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia and the EU Monitoring Mission were informed about this case; however, they have no possibility to enter Akhalgori.

The Ombudsman calls on the authorities of Russian Federation, as well as the de facto government of Ossetia and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia to carry out timely investigation respond effectively and cooperate in order to identify the location of the disappeared.

This fact once again underlines the importance of work of the human rights’ organizations in conflict affected regions to prevent human rights’ violations and reveal the facts of such violations in a timely manner. Unfortunately, the fact of G.B.’s disappearance became public several days later.

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