Public Defender’s Event in connection with International Children's Day

On June 1, 2023, in connection with the Children's International Day, the Public Defender of Georgia held an event with participation of children. During the event, representatives of the Office talked with children about their rights, including the rights to life, development, education and protection from any form of violence.

Based on the information received, the children expressed their opinions on what should be done to better protect their rights in the country.

"Children's rights must be protected every day of the year. To protect you and any child living in Georgia, my staff and I study your concerns, and when we believe that a child's rights are violated, we make recommendations and tell the institutions or individuals, who have a direct responsibility to protect your rights, what needs to be done to ensure that you are better protected", said the Public Defender.

The acting Director of the USAID/Georgia Office of Democracy, Rights and Governance, addressed the participants in the event. "You are the future of successful and free Georgia. You have the right to have and share your opinions, you have the right to develop your critical and creative skills. USAID will continue to support Georgia so that all children have more opportunities to express themselves," said Lisa Kovack.

The event was aimed at listening to children's opinions and promoting their involvement in the decision-making process relating to the protection and realization of their rights.

The Public Defender’s Office will continue to hold similar events with children and for children.

The event was supported by the USAID-PDO Partnership Programme and the USAID Rule of Law Program. In addition, important informational materials were presented on the rights of the child by the Partnership for Human Rights.

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