Events Organized by Public Defender's Office within International Child Protection Week

In June 2021, within the framework of the International Child Protection and Environment Weeks, representatives of the Eastern and Western Georgia Divisions of the Public Defender's Office held webinars and meetings in Georgian, Azerbaijani and Armenian languages with public school students, teachers, parents, representatives of preschools and community centers in various regions of the country. They also participated in TV/radio programmes.[1]

The events covered Imereti, Samegrelo, Guria, Adjara, Svaneti, Shida Kartli, Kakheti, Mtskheta-Mtianeti, Kvemo Kartli and Samtskhe-Javakheti regions.[2]

To mark the International Children's Day, issues such as childen’s rights, child labour during and beyond the pandemic, early marriage and its negative consequences, child protection legislation and the Public Defender’s mandate were discussed at the meetings, in particular, the activities and recommendations of the Public Defender to ensure the protection of the rights of the child.

The importance of the adoption of the Code on the Rights of the Child was emphasized, which lays foundation for the existence of a protection and support system for the rights and freedoms of the child, where it is mandatory that any decision concerning children be made by taking into account their best interests and listening to their opinions.

Special interest of the participants in the meetings was the practice of the Public Defender and the discussion of the problems in the field of children's rights. Information meetings were scheduled for the purpose of receiving information about the Parliamentary Report of the Public Defender.

In addition, a meeting was held with school students to mark the International Environment Day, including a joint meeting with young people living in Eastern Georgia. The essence and importance of the right to live in a healthy environment, problems and challenges in this regard in Georgia, the Parliamentary Report of the Public Defender of Georgia and the recommendations on the environmental protection were discussed at the meeting.

The participants in the meeting actively talked about the importance and necessity of environmental protection, the understanding of responsibility of people towards nature, and active involvement of society in the fight for the preservation and improvement of the environment.

[1] TV/radio shows-

[2] The meetings were attended by Chiatura public school No 5, Andrew the Apostle Orthodox School of Chiatura, young members of the Civic Club of Vartsikhe public school, representatives of the Lanchkhuti municipality preschool, Batumi public schools Nos 1, 17 and 22, Abasha public school No 1, etc.

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