Public Defender’s Statement on Former Beneficiary of Ninotsminda Orphanage

The Public Defender of Georgia has learned that a former beneficiary of the Ninotsminda Orphanage has allegedly been forced to leave the dormitory of the St. Tbel Abuseridze Teaching University of the Georgian Patriarchate after the letter informed the law enforcement agency about alleged violence that occurred in the orphanage.

The Public Defender has already started examining the alleged discrimination against the former beneficiary of the orphanage. In addition, she appealed to the law enforcement agency to respond to the allegations of coercion, pressure and psychological violence. As result of communication between the Public Defender and relevant agencies, the young beneficiary has been temporarily placed in a safe environment, as the person had no other place to live in. The Public Defender will monitor the provision of long-term housing to the person.

The Public Defender of Georgia calls on state agencies to pay special attention to the protection of the rights of beneficiaries living in the Ninotsminda Orphanage, as well as those who have left it, and to proactively offer a safe environment and protect them from any form of violence, pressure and coercion. At the same time, the reintegration of the beneficiaries with families should be continued, smoothly, and, if the above is not possible, they should be placed in alternative care.

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