Monitoring Report on Psychiatric Hospital of Batumi Medical Center

On September 23 and 24, 2023, the Special Preventive Group made a preventive visit to the psychiatric hospital of Batumi Medical Center LLC. The purpose of the monitoring was to assess the protection of patients from ill-treatment, their access to legal remedies, medical and other services, and compliance of their living conditions with international and national standards. The report is based on the on-site assessment of the environment during the preventive visit, review of medical and non-medical documentation, interviews with staff and patients, as well as officially requested information.

The first chapter of the report briefly reviews the systemic problems revealed at the Batumi Medical Center. The subsequent chapters thematically describe the situation and practice in the Batumi Medical Center. Therefore, the institution-tailored recommendations are proposed, the implementation of which will significantly improve the protection of the rights of the hospitalized patients.

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