Members of the National Preventive Mechanism of the Public Defender conduct monitoring of deportation of Georgian citizens

Within the framework of the visa liberalization and European readmission agreement the Georgian authorities are obligated to return Georgian citizens residing in countries of the European Union illegally to Georgia. For the purpose of realization of legally binding norms of the process and ensuring safe return of citizens, the Public Defender made a decision to conduct monitoring of the deportation process. To this aim, representatives of the Department of Prevention and Monitoring of the Public Defender Daniel Mgeliashvili and Levan Begiashvili carried out monitoring of the process of deportation of 18 Georgian citizens from the EU countries. The border police of France and Poland transferred individuals deported from France, Holland, Germany, Poland, Denmark, and Lithuania to representatives of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Georgia.

Tbilisi – Paris- Warsaw- Tbilisi air travel went in peaceful environment. The Interior Ministry escort did not need to resort to any special means. During conversations with the Public Defender’s representatives the deported did not expressed any complaints. As a result of the monitoring, no instances of violation of rights of those deported were identified.

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