Proposal to the Chief Prosecutor

The Public Defender of Georgia has proposed to the Chief Prosecutor of Georgia to commence an immediate investigation about the alleged actsof degrading and inhuman treatment towards the prisoners.

According to the explanation of a prisoner G.J., on April 27, 2014, he was taken from a cell at 6am and was asked to take off his clothes for body search before placing him in the prisoners’ escort vehicle. The prisoner has obeyed to order of the guards. As a result, his clothes were checked in a detailed manner. According to the information of G.J., after the search, they allowed him to wear only underwear. Therefore, during the escorting process he was only left with underwear and socks and experienced a cynical attitude from the guards towards him. The prisoner claims that he was allowed to wear the clothes in the duty room of the penitentiary institution N 6.

According to the article 1443 of Criminal Code of Georgia, degrading or inhuman treatment considers an intimidation or coercion of a person, inhuman and degrading treatment inflecting him/her physical, mental pain or moral suffering.

Upon reception of an complain on degrading and inhuman treatment, the investigative bodies are obliged to start investigation immediately in order to bring all the perpetrators of such acts to the justice. The investigation should be carried out timely, efficiently and fairly

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