National Preventive Mechanism Report on a Visit to the Penitentiary Establishment N14 in Geguti

As a result of the visit of the National Preventive Mechanism to the Penitentiary Department establishment N 14 in Geguti the number of problems were revealed. It was determined that conflicts are frequent among prisoners; measures taken by the security service of the establishment are not enough for prevention of violence among inmates. Also, a suicide prevention programme does not operate in the establishment.

According to inmates, medical services are nor accessible during night hours and on weekends. Waiting time for prisoners enlisted for consultation with narrow-specialization doctors is quite long. A monitoring group revealed cases when inmates are not provided with medical treatment as per doctor’s orders; sanitary-hygiene conditions of a medical procedure room are not satisfactory either.

As a result of examination, it was determined that documentation of consultation registry was not in order and a journal of injuries was not properly completed. Lack of communication between inmates and staff of the establishment was clearly visible.

As a result of studying relevant documentation, it was identified that placement in a solitary cell as a disciplinary penalty was a routine practice. There is also a problem with use of disciplinary penalties based on proportionality principle.

At the establishment N14 inmates are devoid of any possibility to have physical contact with their families in case of a short visit. Prisoners transferred from Eastern Georgia cannot exercise their right to visit at all that is caused by long distance from place of residence of their families and difficult material situation.

Not all inmates in the establishment are provided with 4 square metres area; ventilation system is working with certain problems; Due to its small dimensions, a yard of one of the living quarters cannot provide prisoners with recreation and there are no conditions necessary for exercising in the yard. Inmates have no access to a sports ground; establishment shop is not supplied appropriately.

It is welcoming news that the establishment started realization of a recommendation regarding conduction of renovation works in a kitchen that was issued by the National Preventive Mechanism monitoring group following the visit in February, 2014.

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