Public Defender of Approves Renewed Composition of Special Preventive Group

On January 25, 2016, the Public Defender's Office approved a new composition of the Special Preventive Group. The approval was preceded by a public competition and interviews with the candidates for members of the Special Preventive Group. Pursuant to paragraph 2 of article 3 of the Special Preventive Group provisions, members of the Special Preventive Group are elected through a competition once a year and the rules for conducting a competition are defined by the Public Defender’s order.

The Special Preventive Group is composed of specialists of various fields in order to ensure effective implementation of the functions of the National Preventive Mechanism. The group consists of 6 lawyers, 5 doctors, 2 experts in health issues, 2 psychiatrists, 6 psychologists, 5 social workers, 4 experts in discrimination issues (including 2 persons with disabilities) and 2 experts in juvenile justice issues.

Pursuant to paragraph 1 of article 191 of the Organic Law on Public Defender, the Special Preventive Group regularly checks the situation of inmates of penitentiary and psychiatric facilities, as well as of residents of the homes of older persons and children, in order to protect them from torture and other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment.

As a result of interviewing, 32 candidates were selected, 23 out of which are members of the last year’s Special Preventive Group:

1. Avaliani Tamari
2. Maia Archvadze
3. Amirejibi Tinatini
4. Bagrationi Khatuna
5. Badzaghua Eka
6. Gelashvili Ketevan
7. Gogashvili Kakhaberi
8. Gogolashvili Natia
9. Gvaramia Indira
10. Darsania Ekaterine
11. Demetrashvili Nino
12. Elizbarashvili Nino
13. Idadze Nana
14. Kalina Olga
15. Londaridze Nestani
16. Merebashvili Makhare
17. Manjavidze Irma
18. Mangoshvili Rusudani
19. Nemsitsveridze Sofia
20. Omiadze Qetevani
21. Rekhviashvili Teimurazi
22. Putkaradze Irina
23. Panchulidze Tea
24. Qobesashvili Eka
25. Qoridze Nana
26. Ghvinianidze Kakha
27. Gudushauri Shorena
28. Shengelia Isolda
29. Tsiramua Maia
30. Tsereteli Natia
31. Tsuleiskiri Lali
32. Janezashvili Nazibrola

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