Public Defender's Demand for Abolition of Prison N7

The 2015 parliamentary report notes that the Public Defender had repeatedly addressed the Minister of Corrections with a recommendation to close the penitentiary facility N7 due to its grave living conditions. According to the reply received from the Ministry, they cannot make a decision at this point on the complete liquidation of the facility, but it is planned to significantly reduce the number of prisoners in the facility in the near future and to distribute them to other appropriate institutions; it is also planned to completely rehabilitate the facility, to abolish its ground floor and to significantly reduce the limit of prisoners. It should be noted that in February 2016, 19 inmates were transferred from the facility N7 to the facility N6.

Given the infrastructure of the facility and its original destination (was built as an investigative facility), the Public Defender finds it difficult to imagine how the facility can be rehabilitated so as to make its infrastructure in compliance with the standards of custodial institutions. So, the Public Defender’s recommendation on the closure of the facility N7 remains unchanged.

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