Study Visit of National Preventive Mechanism of Kyrgyzstan to Georgia

On June 5-7, 2017, members of the National Prevention Mechanism of the Republic of Kyrgyzstan visited Georgia. The aim of the visit was to familiarize with the activities of the Georgian National Preventive Mechanism.

Within the framework of the study visit, the employees of the Department of Prevention and Monitoring of the Public Defender of Georgia briefed the Kyrgyz colleagues of the monitoring methodology in the penitentiary establishments, agencies of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and psychiatric facilities, as well as the control mechanism for the implementation of the recommendations.

In addition, the Georgian and Kyrgyz colleagues visited the National Center for Mental Health and Drug Prevention, the temporary detention isolator of Tbilisi and penitentiary establishment N8, where the special Preventive Group of the Public Defender of Georgia briefed the guests of the specifics of the inspection of the institutions.

After the end of the study visit, both sides expressed their desire for close cooperation.


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