The National preventive Mechanism Published a Report on a Visit to Gldani Establishment N8 of the Penitentiary System

As a result of a monitoring conducted in the penitentiary establishments N8, the National Preventive Mechanism determined that there is not favourable situation in the establishment with respect to prevention of ill-treatment.

In the period of January 1 to November 28, 2014 the Public Defender addressed the Main Prosecutor of Georgia with the request to start investigation of alleged facts of ill-treatment of inmates placed in the establishment in 9 cases that represents half of all proposals that were prepared by the Public Defender with regards to investigation of alleged facts of ill-treatment in the penitentiary system in the above-mentioned period.

On November 12, 2014, representatives of the Public Defender themselves witnessed how two inmates were lying on a floor in the establishment N8 wearing wet clothes, one of them with arms and legs bound together with a special chain and both prisoners displaying traces of violence. In the opinion of the National Preventive Mechanism, for the purpose of prevention of such practice it is necessary to conduct constant and comprehensive video surveillance of this section and to keep recordings for a reasonable time and examine them.

In the period from October 10 to November 28, 2014, 8 inmates received body injuries as a result of a fight in the establishment N8. Accordingly, for the purpose of prevention of violence among prisoners it is necessary that preventive activities are strengthened by the security department of the establishment.

Also, conditions in main living cells do not correspond to requirements determined by the Code of Imprisonment of Georgia; conditions of imprisonment of juvenile convicts are also unsatisfactory; rehabilitation activities conducted in the establishment are not enough either.

Social workers, a psychologist, doctors and the administration, in general, experience problems with communicating with those prisoners who cannot speak Georgian, and this hinders provision of relevant services; while preparing meals of inmates needs of various religious confessions are not taken into consideration which leads to refusal of some prisoners to take the offered food; prison store is not adequately supplied with products.

Timely provision of consultations of specialized physicians and appropriate registration of conducted consultations represents another problem; there is clearly not enough number of nurses in the establishment. Mental health remains a great challenge in the establishment; the journal of registration of injuries is not appropriately filled.

Convicts placed in the solitary confinements did not have items of personal hygiene and as they stated they had not exercised their right to shower and fresh air.

All the above has a negative effect on health and well-being of prisoners placed in the penitentiary establishment N8 and thus, the Ministry of Corrections of Georgia should take every measure to eliminate the above-listed problems.

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