Public Defender of Georgia Echoes Pride Week

The Public Defender of Georgia echoes the Pride Week and notes that it is most important that the planned events take place in a violence-free environment and that the rights of the LGBT+ community and their supporters are protected.

Freedom of expression and assembly is protected by the Constitution of Georgia. No matter how unacceptable certain values and beliefs are to any part of society, any group should be able to enjoy freedom of expression and assembly in a safe environment.

The Public Defender condemns all those public statements and threats that may endanger the protection and realization of the rights granted by law to the citizens of our country.

It is important that the responsible authorities respond appropriately to publicly disseminated calls and threats of violence and take preventive measures in order to conduct the upcoming week safely.

The Public Defender calls on the Ministry of Internal Affairs to promptly respond to possible violations of the law and ensure the safety of every citizen and the realization of freedom of expression as effectively as possible.

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