Public Defender’s Statement on Intensified Protests by Employed Persons

The Public Defender of Georgia echoes the recent intensified protests staged by people employed in various sectors regarding inadequate payments (protests by ambulance doctors and drivers, Bolt company, Volt and Glovo couriers, and cameramen of Formula TV company). It is important for the employers to understand that the right to decent remuneration is an integral part of the right to work, and a decent life of a person significantly depends on it. It should be noted that the European Social Charter, one of the States Parties to which is Georgia, recognizes the right of all workers to have adequate and just remuneration in order to ensure a decent standard of living for them and their families.

As the Public Defender’s practice shows, unfortunately, the request of the employees to improve working conditions or the expression of work-related criticism is considered an unacceptable position by the employers and often serves as the basis for harassment, dismissal or violation of labour rights due to the dissenting opinion.

The Public Defender’s Office of Georgia calls on the employers, in cases of dissatisfaction expressed by their employees regarding the basic working conditions (regardless of whether the procedures stipulated by legislation related to labour disputes are followed or not), to have active communication with the employees, to use all opportunities to reach a consensus, and to refrain from degrading and discriminating against them. And they should not resort to radical measures such as termination of labour relations.

In case of discrimination of the employees or violation of their labour rights, the Public Defender expresses her readiness to study the relevant issue within the scope of her competence.

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