Public Defender’s Statement on Georgian Citizens’ Restricted Access to Goods and Services

In the recent period, the Public Defender’s Office has received about 30 notifications concerning the restricted access of Georgian citizens to various goods and services. The case when, allegedly, a real estate agent published information in Russian about the sale of an apartment in Batumi, indicating that the apartment would not be sold to Georgians, was especially problematic.[1]

The Public Defender of Georgia reminds all institutions, organizations, individuals and legal entities that the principle of equal treatment applies to receiving publicly available goods and services, including housing. In addition, Georgian legislation prohibits discrimination based on citizenship, nationality or other grounds in all areas, including private law relations. Thus, refusing to use publicly available offers on non-rational, discriminatory grounds is not allowed in the rental sector as well.

The Public Defender’s Office calls on real estate agents and other persons or organizations providing services to refrain from discriminatory treatment on any grounds and to conduct their activities in accordance with the principle of equality, including in the housing sector.

At the same time, the Public Defender’s Office is ready to examine all cases of alleged discrimination in case of similar notifications and identification of the person who committed the alleged discrimination.

[1] see; The social network page proving the real estate activity is available:

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