Representatives of the Public Defender Hold Meetings on Sexual Harassment

From November 25 to December 20, 2019, representatives of the Public Defender of Georgia held meetings with various target groups on issues of sexual harassment.

Meetings with representatives of the Ministry of Environment and Agriculture, military and civil servants of the Ministry of Defense, members of the Bar Association, staff of the Lagodekhi self-government bodies and students from various universities were organized and co-ordinated by the state agencies. Meetings were also held with representatives of trade unions, members of employers' association and labour inspectors.

The topics of the meetings included the Georgian legislation on sexual harassment, including various legal remedies, issues related to the examination of cases of sexual harassment, standard of evidence, and the Public Defender's mandate and role in the elimination and prevention of sexual harassment. Emphasis was placed on the importance of existence of internal policy documents/internal mechanisms against sexual harassment in the institutions and organizations.

The Public Defender of Georgia will continue to actively inform the public about the issues relating to sexual harassment in the future.

During the same period, representatives of the Public Defender participated in the meetings held in Sighnaghi and Gori organized by the State Fund for Protection and Assistance of Victims of Human Trafficking, which were attended by representatives of local self-government, local media and NGOs.

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