Public Defender’s Representatives Hold Seminars on Gender Equality and Sexual Harassment in Kvemo Kartli

In November 2022, employees of the Gender and Equality Departments of the Public Defender’s Office of Georgia held a series of seminars on gender equality and sexual harassment for local self-government representatives in the Kvemo Kartli municipalities.

The essence of gender, its basic concepts, widespread stereotypes and importance of equal opportunities, as well as the availability of services for victims of violence and the need for support measures were discussed at the meetings.

The participants in the discussion emphasized the role of local self-government in the protection of human rights and, in particular, the importance of the activities of Gender Equality Councils operating in municipal administrations in terms of prevention of violence.

Other topics of discussion were sexual harassment and prevention mechanisms; forms of sexual harassment, indicators and standard of proof. The participants received information about the practice of the Public Defender’s Office relating to the cases of sexual harassment and the online courses available on the official website of the Public Defender.

The seminars organized by the Public Defender's Kvemo Kartli Office were attended by management representatives of the municipalities of Tetritskaro, Dmanisi, Bolnisi, Tsalka, Rustavi, Marneuli and Gardabani, members of the Gender Equality Councils and decision-makers.

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