Public Defender Establishes Case of Quid Pro Quo Sexual Harassment

On August 16, 2023, the Public Defender established a case of sexual harassment and recommended the respondent not to engage in sexual harassment in the future, in professional or other relationships, and not to create an environment that is offensive, humiliating or inappropriate for individuals.

According to the factual circumstances of the case, the applicant and the respondent had correspondence with each other, which makes it clear that they met twice. During the first correspondence - in November 2018, the applicant told the respondent that she was his colleague and studied at the Faculty of Journalism, however, due to the lack of relevant contacts, she was unable to develop professionally. After that, the respondent, on his own initiative, offered to talk about professional activities, and their communication touched on possible employment issues. The respondent hinted to the applicant about a sexual relationship in exchange for employment and made her make a choice, focusing on combining personal and work relationships, which constitutes sexual harassment.

Requiring certain conduct of a sexual nature as a prerequisite for career advancement is a form of sexual harassment called Quid Pro Quo.

It should be noted that the applicant herself was not the initiator of the conversation with sexual connotation. The applicant wanted to start to work, in which she asked the respondent to help. The respondent, using his situation, tried to establish a personal, intimate relationship with the applicant beyond a professional relationship.

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