Rights of Persons with Disabilities in Georgia

The Report reflects information about the level of protection of the rights of persons with disabilities in 2016.

Important challenges in terms of proper realization of the rights and freedoms by persons with disabilities are outlined in the report. Creation of the effective and efficient implementation mechanism of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities as well as ratification of the Optional Protocol to the Convention, remain a problem. No tangible changes have been implemented in terms of harmonization of national legislation with the requirements of the Convention.

Delay of introduction of social model of granting disability status is one of the most important flaws worth to note. Disability status is still granted based on the medical diagnosis of an individual.

Providence access to social protection, realization of the right to adequate housing and employment of persons with disabilities are also among main challenges facing the State. In addition to this, issues of accessibility to the physical environment, infrastructure, transport and information remain a problem. No relevant statistical information and data about persons with disabilities are collected. The “State Program on Social Rehabilitation and Child Care“ does not fully meet the target groups’ needs and is not geographically available. Sufficient implementation of inclusive education is also a challenge.

During the reporting period, acts of discrimination against persons with disabilities have also occurred. The Public Defender addressed relevant state agencies with recommendations in certain cases, including the Ministry of Internal Affairs concerning discrimination of persons with disabilities and the Ministry of Education and Science, regarding the prevention of discrimination on the ground of disability in the process of inclusive education.

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