Public Defender Arrives at Rally of Parents of Children Diagnosed with Achondroplasia

"A tent, polyethylene sheet or anything that is not dangerous can be set up near an administrative body. This is a democratic standard, this is how rallies are conducted in other countries. Anyone has the right to the above, especially those who have been spending here nights for 2 weeks and the health condition of some of them has even worsened", said the Public Defender, who arrived at the rally of parents of children diagnosed with achondroplasia and expressed his protest against the illegal actions of the police.

On April 30, on the 14th day of protests, police officers removed banners reading “Medicine for children” from the iron wall installed near the Administration of the Government. The participants in the protest were not allowed to set up their tents and were also stripped of the polyethylene sheet with which the women participating in the protest were protecting themselves from the rain.

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