Public Defender Participates in Medical Conference Dedicated to World Down Syndrome Day

World Down Syndrome Day is celebrated on March 21every year. The purpose of this day is to raise awareness about people with Down syndrome and promote their integration into society. "End The Stereotypes" was chosen as the theme of the Down Syndrome Day in 2024.

On March 14, 2024, Georgian Public Defender Levan Ioseliani participated in a medical conference dedicated to the World Down Syndrome Day, where the health of people with Down syndrome, modern approaches and new developments were discussed.

In his welcoming speech, the Public Defender talked about the activities of the Office in the direction of protection of the rights of persons with disabilities, emphasized the need for the joint work of the responsible agencies and people with Down syndrome, as well as their representative organizations, together with the health sector, in the direction of protecting their right to health. "I think that today's conference will significantly help the community members, organizations of persons with disabilities, decision-makers and medical experts to identify the needs of people with Down syndrome when receiving medical services and satisfy them. A lot need to be done in the country to develop health care services tailored to the individual needs of persons with disabilities," said Levan Ioseliani.

Representatives of the Parliament of Georgia, Government, embassies accredited in Georgia and international organizations participating in the event talked about the medical supervision of children and adults with Down syndrome, challenges in the health care system and changes in the guidelines of treatment methods, peculiarities of the health management of adults with Down syndrome, regression syndrome, diagnostics, treatment methods, criteria for early detection of dementia and depression.

The event was supported by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

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