Public Defender recommends to the Minister of Labour, Health and Social Affairs of Georgia

In February of the current year, the Public Defender’s authorized representatives visited Tbilisi Infant House, where are living 55 children, of age from 0 to 6, including 54 disabled ones. During the visit a variety of problems has been revealed, especially, the institution 's profile and the presents services don’t satisfy the special needs of disabled children : the children aren’t involved in pre-school education; habilitation/rehabilitation service is absent for the beneficiaries, Institution doesn’t have adequate medical staff in palliative care implementation, There is no a pain management system in place for the children with chronic pain; Service staff doesn’t have working skills for children with the special needs ; Institution doesn’t have a necessary entertainment facilities for the development of disabled children; Physical environment (buildings , balconies , yard ) isn’t adapted for disabled children according to their needs , which prevents their independent mobility.

Deinstitutionalization of children’s homes (facilities) was set to be completed by the end of 2013, according to the ongoing child welfare reform; however this process has yet to reach homes of children with disabilities.

Public Defender of Georgia has recommended the minister of labour, health and social affairs to carry out all the necessary activities to determine beneficiaries’ special needs of Tbilisi Infant House and provide this group by alternative care services such as early intervention and habilitation/rehabilitation, pre-school inclusive education, leisure activities, small family house, where necessary a palliative care services. In addition, ministry should organize the adaptation of building infrastructure to the needs of disabled children, training of medical personnel in order to increase their working skills expedient to the special needs of disabled children.

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