Day of Persons with Disabilities

Georgia marks the Day of Persons with Disabilities on June 14. The purpose of this day is to raise public awareness of people with disabilities and to remind state agencies once again of their responsibilities to improve the rights situation of these people.

We offer a photo collage where representatives of the community and disability rights activists themselves talk about the main systemic challenges, the most pressing problems they face and the importance of solving these problems.

June 14 photo campaign

  • Amiran Batatunashvili

President of the Union of the Deaf of Georgia

Our native language is a gesture language! The deaf and people with hearing problems need equal access to information, opening of the information vacuum, independence, dignified life - living without barriers.

  • Gia Jvarsheishvili

Human rights activist

Adaptation is a temporary solution and not the best resolution.

An equally accessible physical environment is a real opportunity, not a myth.

Universal design - for everyone and not just persons with disabilities.

Universal design has no alternative for a better future.

  • David Bibileishvili

Human rights activist

Lack of physical environment, access to quality education and health care, lack of employment and socio-economic support, as well as modern equipment and aids, hinder the independent living of persons with disabilities, their inclusion in society and full control over their own lives.

  • Dato Kviriliani

Activist of the rights of persons with disabilities

I am blind, 39 years old. I have been living with a disability for 31 years. I have been using the white cane for 10 years - through it I can perceive the physical environment and I can orient myself freely. I compare the years spent without a white cane to captivity - environmental captivity."

  • Esma Gumberidze

Human rights defender, member of the Consultative Council of the Public Defender

Despite having less access to the environment, blind people can learn and travel without the help of family members. We should not be afraid to be the first in any situation. Activism is important for the protection of our rights and the rights of all human beings.

  • Tatia Datashvili

Leader of the Youth Wing of Aures Foundation

I am using a hearing device and a cochlear implant. Taking into account individual needs more, adapting services and using subtitles can increase accessibility and involvement in public life.

  • Tamar Iarajuli

Defender of the rights of persons with disabilities, activist, parent of a child with disabilities

We are born with equal rights. Unfortunately, after a certain diagnosis, we often fall victim to discrimination and stigma. Strict adherence to the requirements of the law is essential to ensure equal rights! We must remember that autism is neither a puzzle nor a disease!

  • Iko Iakobidze

Activist of the rights of persons with disabilities, para-dancer

Involvement of people with disabilities in sports, cultural, and educational activities will enable us to build a stronger and diverse community!

  • Mariko Kobakhidze

Activist of the rights of persons with disabilities, member of the Consultative Council of the Public Defender

Unfortunately, the public awareness of issues related to persons with disabilities is still low, which is reflected in the incorrect terms and stereotypical views used towards them. This contributes to the stigmatization of the group, creates barriers and prevents the inclusion of persons with disabilities in public life.

  • Matsatso Khachapuridze

Woman with multiple disabilities, member of the Board of the National Network of Women with Disabilities

Stigma towards people with multiple disabilities, especially women, is strong. We are often pitied in the society, we often cause their surprise, we often hear negative opinions about us. To change this, it is necessary to improve the environment and provide a variety of aids, which will help us to be independent people.

  • Natia Gogolashvili

Activist of the rights of persons with disabilities

The institution is another obstacle artificially created for people with disabilities. We exist and the environment inaccessible to us begins as soon as we leave our home. I.e. disabilities exist. It is difficult for people with disabilities to carry the burden of "heroism".

  • Natia Sakhokia

Parent of Gigi Sichinava, a teenager with autism spectrum disorder

Services for children with disabilities are inadequate. The attitudes of the public are unhealthy. We have to fight for our rights! The State is obliged to quickly and efficiently create an inclusive environment for all.

  • Olga Kalina

Chairwoman of the Georgian Network of Psychiatric Service Users and Survivors

Psychiatry is the only sphere where the use of violent methods remains an alternative way to solve a problematic situation due to the lack of adequate support services. People with mental health problems should have the same rights as others. Violence and discrimination are inadmissible!

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