Disciplinary proceedings against the employees of the Prosecutor’s Office of Georgia, Ministry of Internal Affairs, Penitentiary and State Security Service of Georgia on the basis of individual complaints

The report delivers the outcomes of the study of the inspections carried out by the General Inspectorates of the Prosecutor’s Office of Georgia (hereinafter the Prosecutor’s Office), Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia (hereinafter the MIA), State Security Service of Georgia (hereinafter Security Service), and Ministry of Corrections of Georgia (hereinafter the Ministry of Corrections).

The report aims to highlight analysis of the current practice and detected gaps regarding effectiveness of the work of the general inspectorates in the process of individual complaint handling. As of now a number of individuals apply to the Office of Public Defender on facts of violation of their rights by the law-enforcement officers. Incomplete, nontransparent and protracted process of the individual complaint review and refusal of informing an applicant hinders establishment of public trust toward justice and legality.

By this report the Public Defender intends to outline the general guideline to reform the Inspectorates in order to start building public trust toward law-enforcement systems through objective investigation and eradication of impunity. Present report scrutinizes existing situation and confines itself with providing initial recommendations, which do not imply systematic and fundamental changes.

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