Public Defender Echoes Recent Days’ Violent Incidents

According to reports, today, on May 7, during an interview, Giorgi Klidiashvili, Executive Director of the Institute for Development Freedom of Information (IDFI), and the Formula TV crew were assaulted.

On Sunday, May 5, teacher Lado Abkhazava was assaulted and physically abused.

The Public Defender emphasizes that it is inadmissible and unacceptable to attack people for having different or critical opinions.

It is important in each named case for the investigative agencies to determine the motive of the violent actions and its possible connection with the victims’ professional activities or their critical opinions, while in case such a connection is proved, the violent actions should be given an appropriate legal assessment.

The Public Defender calls on the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia and the Special Investigation Service to conduct a timely and effective investigation into each case and to take strict legal measures against the responsible persons.

The Public Defender’s Office will supervise the response of the law enforcement agencies.

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