Public Defender’s Recommendation on Problems in Public School of Azhavreti Village in Akhalkalaki Municipality

On 16 April 2019, Public Defender Nino Lomjaria applied to the Mayor of Akhalkalaki Municipality and the Minister of Education, Science, Culture and Sport of Georgia with regard to the severe infrastructural situation in the public school of the village of Azhavreti and the problems relating to education.

The study of the case by the Public Defender's Office showed that the school infrastructure is incompatible with the educational process: the building is damaged, there are holes in the floor and the ceiling; toilet is not functioning, since garbage vehicles cannot reach the village due to the ruined roads in the village. Consequently, physical security of children and personnel is not protected in school, resulting in temporary suspension of educational process; children are beyond the education system.

Depending on international standards, the State is obliged to implement and develop all the necessary administrative, financial or legislative measures to ensure that each child has access to the most effective and quality education. However, the ombudsman's practice shows that the realization of this right remains a serious problem in the country.

The recommendation of the Public Defender is to urgently plan and implement the rehabilitation of the public school of the village of Azhavreti and to allocate all necessary material and financial resources for this purpose. In addition, the school administration and municipal authorities should coordinate and plan specific and alternative measures before the construction of a new school building in order to ensure access to and continuity of education for children living in the village of Azavreti and to achieve continuity of this right.

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