Public Defender's Recommendations to Mayors of Kvareli and Oni relating to Preschool Education

On November 1 and 4, 2019, Public Defender Nino Lomjaria addressed the Mayors of the Kvareli and Oni municipalities with recommendations to ensure access to preschool education and kindergarten for children living in the villages of Tivi and Glola.

There is no kindergarten in Tivi, a village populated by ethnic minorities. Locals demand the opening of early and pre-school education institution in the village, where children will both learn the state language and receive educational services. It should also be noted that an alternative preschool education center operating in the village cannot provide children with food or beds and does not meet the standards applied in the country.

The building of preschool education institution of the village of Glola has been renovated, but due to the lack of special staff, the kitchen and bedrooms are not functioning. Consequently, only a school readiness programme is effective, but it does not allow children to eat or sleep.

It is clear that children living in the village of Tivi and Glola cannot enjoy the right to universal access to preschool education provided by the Georgian legislation.

According to the Public Defender’s recommendation, local authorities should timely allocate funds from the budget for the functioning of kindergartens, as well as for the provision of necessary items and staff, in order to ensure that children can receive universal, free and full preschool education.

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