Public Defender’s Statement on Deteriorating Epidemiological Situation and Implementation of Preventive Measures

In recent days, the decreasing trend in the number of Covid-infected people has been replaced by an increasing trend in the country.

As is well known to the public, two most effective measures to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus are: wearing a mask correctly and observing social distance. As a result of the decision taken by the Government of Georgia on the gradual easing of restrictions imposed on February 25, 2021, the mobility of the population has significantly increased in the country. The Public Defender is alarmed by the data of the National Center for Disease Control, according to which, the rate of wearing a mask has decreased from 75% to 43% in the country.

In addition, according to the observations of the Public Defender's representatives and the information spread by the media in recent days, social gatherings are being held in the regions without following recommendations and restrictions.

The Public Defender, as a constitutional body overseeing the protection of human rights to life and health in the country, reminds the public of the dire consequences caused by the complication of the epidemiological situation in November-December 2020, when citizens had problems with accessing quality medical care and their health and lives were in danger. Families of those who died of coronavirus have repeatedly named delayed hospitalization and treatment as the leading causes of the patients’ death.

In view of all the above, the Public Defender calls on:

  • The State and local self-government bodies

To ensure effective and real control over the implementation of the novel coronavirus restrictions across the country

  • The population of Georgia

To fully comply with quarantine and self-isolation requirements and recommendations as the only and most effective way today to protect our own and others’ right to health and life - proper use of masks, including in open spaces, observation of hygiene rules and social distancing.

  • Media outlets

To the extent possible, to systematically disseminate information and inform the population about the importance of preventive measures - proper use of a mask and observation of social distancing.

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