Webinar on Environmental Issues

The Western Georgia Division of the Public Defender’s Office organized an online meeting on the right to live in a healthy environment on June 5, 2015. The meeting was moderated by Tamer Oganovi, a representative of the Division.

The essence of the right to live in a healthy environment, the situation of environment in Georgia, its impact on human rights and challenges, as well as Public Defender’s practices and recommendations in this direction, were deicsussed at the event.

Speaking at the webinar, Nino Atabegashvili, a representative of the Public Defender's Office, discussed the environmental problems in the country and spoke about the measures to be taken to solve the problems. She stressed the necessity for creating complex legislative safeguards, taking into account the environmental interests during the implementation of large infrastructure projects, involving citizens in the decision-making process and providing comprehensive information to them.

Representatives of organizations working in the mentioned field and other stakeholders involved in the discussion exchanged information about their experiences, environmental issues and specific problems detected or observed by them at specific facilities.

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