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Public Defender Addresses Government of Georgia with Recommendation to Eliminate Discrimination on Grounds of Form of Residence

On July 23, 2021, the Public Defender addressed the Government of Georgia with a recommendation relating to the elimination of discrimination on the grounds of the form of residence. The decision was based on the applications of persons with permanent residence permit in Georgia, in which they indicated that the regulations imposed relating to the novel coronavirus, which prohibits them from entering the territory of Georgia, were discriminatory.

As it was found out as a result of the case study, due to the disputed regulations (regardless of exceptions relating to non-citizens), some persons with permanent residence permit cannot exercise the right to enter Georgia. Given the close legal connection of persons with such status with the State, the Public Defender considered that the restriction of the right to enter the country makes this regulation discriminatory.

Based on the above and in order to eliminate discrimination on the grounds of residence (its form), the Public Defender of Georgia called on the Government of Georgia to take into account the long and close social, economic, legal and other ties between Georgia and persons with permanent residence and to change the policy in such a way that these persons can freely enjoy the right to enter the country.

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