19 November is World Day for Prevention of Child Abuse

Violence against children is an extremely harmful experience, which is the biggest hindrance in the development of the adolescent. Prevention of physical punishment of children or psychological pressure on them remains a challenge for the modern world.

Violence against children is one of the main problems in Georgia. The number of applications submitted to the Public Defender’s Office concerning violence against juveniles has been increased; cases of infringing on sexual freedom and untouchability of children are also frequent.

Although Georgia has joined the Council of Europe Convention on Protection of Children against Sexual Exploitation and Sexual Abuse, timely identification of child victims of sexual abuse, their psycho-social rehabilitation, effective investigation/prosecution and identification of perpetrators are still on the agenda; it is necessary to strengthen coordination between the responsible agencies. In this regard, the Public Defender has addressed the Government of Georgia with a proposal.

Various forms of violence against children are widespread in pre-school and general educational institutions. The most widespread among them is psychological violence – bullying committed by school administrations and teachers.

It is important to carry out preventive measures in order to protect children belonging to vulnerable groups, including those living and working on the street, as well as juveniles under state care.

The Public Defender calls on the responsible agencies to ensure protection of juveniles from all forms of violence. In addition, the Public Defender considers that the best way of prevention of violence against children is to raise public awareness and to carry out educational activities in this direction.

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