Public Defender’s Statement on Ninotsminda Boarding School

The Public Defender’s Office continues to study the rights situation of children in the Ninotsminda boarding school. Due to the high public interest, we would like to inform you about the current situation.

The Public Defender's Office requested information from the Prosecutor General’s Office of Georgia and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia about alleged offences that took place in the boarding house. According to the information received, investigations were launched into 4 criminal cases of alleged abuse of minors in 2016-2021. 3 cases concern alleged violence (Article 126 of the Criminal Code) and one case concerns alleged rape (Article 137 of the Criminal Code).

At this stage, the Public Defender's Office does not have detailed information about the alleged offences, circumstances or persons involved, or the measures taken in response. The Public Defender's Office has already applied to the responsible agencies for the purpose of obtaining more detailed information.

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