8th Conference of Ombudsman Institutions for Armed Forces

On 2-5 October, 2016, Natia Katsitadze, First Deputy Public Defender of Georgia, and Tamar Gabiani, Head of the Department of Protection of Human Rights in Defense, took part in the 8th conference of ombudsman institutions for the armed forces in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The event was organized by the Geneva Centre for the Democratic Control of the Armed Forces, the Inspector-General of the Dutch Armed Forces and the Public Defender of the Netherlands. The conference was attended by representatives of 29 countries.

The subject of the conference was the protection of rights of soldiers involved in international missions and local population, as well as the recognition and strengthening of the role of ombudsmen in this field.

The conference participants discussed ombudsmen’s role in the protection of rights of soldiers of international missions and local population; communication with international missions; coordination between ombudsman institutions and other stakeholders; reintegration, health care and social image of soldiers after returning from international missions; continuation of military service inside the country.

The mentioned issues were discussed in the working groups for the purpose of sharing best practices of the participant countries and preparing recommendations.

At the end of the conference, a declaration was developed on the basis of the best practices about the ombudsman’s role in the protection of rights of soldiers participating in international missions, those who return from such missions, local population and other related persons.

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